SWENG is no reason not to do MENG

Saw this and thought it might be of interest to some. It’s just an article over the future of software development… and it also puts an argument for Java over C++.


DCT Stuff


I wish I’d read my DS&A notes…

…before I did my second assignment. Reading through them now, it would have made more sense and probably produced a ‘better’ assignment. Damn it!

Video Systems Exam

Right, so anyone who’s looked at past papers will know how impossibly hard it is. Anyone who hasn’t but is taking the exam is in for a nasty surprise. Anyway, apart from the fact there has been a compression question for the last four years and not a single one on displays or cameras, there […]

Lab Report

it says that we should include ‘a BRIEF overview of the PCM system and its operation’ then at the bottom it says that descriptons of the system operation should include timing diagrams, circuit diagrams and pseudo code. How the hell are you suppose to include all that and keep it brief?

MSI stands for Medium Scale Integration

I was having a look at the digital notes and saw references to MSI blocks and although it didn’t really matter that I had no idea what it meant, it really got on my nerves. So I googled it.